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Over the Moon


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  • Same Formula New Labeling
  • Sourced from Kentucky Hemp Works Grown Using Organic Practices
  • Hemp Seed Oil & CO2 Extracted Raw Whole Plant Extract w/ CBD/CBDa
  • Non GMO•THC Free•Herbicide/Pesticide Free
  • Third Party Lab Tested  
  • Formulated in Small Batches identified by Date
  • Rich with Fatty Acids, Cannabinoids, Nutrients and Terpenes
  • No Other Additives
  • Legal Agricultural Hemp Product compliant with Farm Bill 2014

Dosing: "Start Low, Go Slow"

-Optimal dosage and results will vary with each individual. However, approximately three drops will equal 1 mg of CBD/CBDa. Suggested usage for a starting dose may be (3 drops) or 1 mg per each 20 pounds of body weight. For maximum benefits, wait approximately a week and assess results. If desired effects are not obtained, increase the dosage in small increments, waiting and reassessing after each increment until ultimately finding the 'sweet spot'. 

Clients have reported relief from pain, anxiety, nausea, seizures, diabetes symptoms, thyroid conditions, cancer issues, digestive issues and skin/hair ailments.